Stronger Together


Publications and Presentations






 National Conferences

  Assessment Institute in Indianapolis, IN:

  • Gianina Baker – NILOA Pre-Institute Workshop: An Introduction to Assessment and Navigating the Assessment Institute

  • Kiwanis Burr & Melanie L. Wicinski - Evaluating Plans and Reports with a Quality Enhancement Rubric to Improve Communication

  • Rebecca Graham & Glenn Phillips – Inching Together: Making a Case for Cross-Institutional Collaboration

  • Angelita Howard – Using Technology to Enhance Learning Outside of the Classroom

  • Natasha Jankowski – Examining our Narrative through Evidence-Based Storytelling, Keynote

  • Kimberly Lebby & Ereka Williams – Reframing the Narrative:  Moving HBCUs from Compliance to Continuous Improvement

  • Erick Montenegro – National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment (NILOA) Resources and Improvement for Whose Benefit? How Issues of Equity Impact Campus Assessment Efforts

  • Erick Montenegro, Itihari Toure & Ereka Williams – If Not Now, Then When? A Panel Discussion on Why Equity Must be at the Heart of Campus Assessment Efforts

  • Verna F. Orr - Historically Black Colleges and Universities Assessment Trends: Provosts’ Perspectives, Moderator

  • Verna F. Orr – Mission and Metrics: HBCU Presidents’ Translation and Praxis, Moderator

  • Shontell Stanford – An Enhanced Assessment Method for Thesis and Dissertation Research Committees

  • Ereka Williams – Effective Communication of Student Learning Assessment: Telling our Stories Better

  • Ereka Williams – ‘Through We Travel Together, We Travel Alone’:  A Wrinkle in Time Inspired Look into the Role of the 21st Century Assessment Leader


  White House Initiative on HBCUs - HBCU Week, Washington, DC

  • Mark Howse, Natasha Jankowski, Verna Orr, Franz Reneau & Shontell Stanford, Competing on Metrics: HBCUs Leading on Learning, Panelists

  • DeShawn Preston, Participant 


  HBCU Consortium Summit, Nashville, TN

  • Shontell Stanford, Facilitator

  Virginia Assessment Group, Charlottesville, VA

  • Mark Howse & Shontell Stanford, Participants 

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